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Here is a just a few of the specifications that the MLogger contains. If you have further questions regarding any Mudlogging Systems equipment or software please contact our office at 970.243.3044.

MLogger Specs:
OS Linux
Size 12" wide, 22" high, 22" deep
Weight 58 pounds
Gas Detector Filament, Catalytic Combustion for low gas concentrations, switching to Thermal Conductivity at 4.4% (methane) for high gas concentrations.

CCD Detector 1% methane = 100 units
TCD Detector 100% methane = 10,000 units
Chromatograph C1 Through IC4, using any certified calibration standard.

Note: MLogger can be calibrated to reflect local standards. For instance, in the Rocky Mountain Region 100% methane is usually considered to be 10,000 units, while in some areas of the South 100% methane is considered to be 5,000 units.

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