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The real-time dashboard is a one-stop website, to get a quick glance at all of your wells - perfect for remote mud logging. With the dashboard, all your wells that have a working internet connection will automatically upload their well information and connection information to the dashboard. From here you can give access to other loggers or managers in your company as well as client access. They can look at an overview of the well, or with the proper permission, they can have access to login directly to the MLogger at location, and view the same data the Logger sees in real time!

No more hassle! The Extranet gets its data directly from each MLogger. As long as you have supplied internet connectivity to the MLogger, it will appear online and on your dashboard. Gone are the days of setting up routers and static IP addresses. With our Extranet enabled MLogger, each MLogger will create its own secure (VPN) connection back to MSI and the Extranet. From there connections are created based on your settings in your Extranet of who has access to the MLogger.
Extranet Log In
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