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MControl is the user interface of MLogger Logging Systems.

MControl runs on a Windows platform networked to the Linux-based MLogger through an Ethernet port or standard wifi connection. All of the user control, viewing, editing, and downloading of MLogger data is performed using MControl.

Total gas, rate of penetration, and chromatograph values are displayed as colored curves on a chart that can be toggled between time-based or depth-based All scales can be adjusted as needed. Depth tics appear on the right hand side of the chart. On / off bottom and pump circulation status is displayed as solid colored lines as they occur. Logging parameters are also displayed in digital form in the boxes at the upper right of the MControl screen. Parameters such as depth, lag time, and gas detector calibration factors are set using drop-down menus under the setup tab.

Chromatograms (C1- IC4) are displayed in the lower right-hand portion of the window. The status bar (center right) displays the current values of the separate filaments in volts. The status bar is used in zeroing the instrument, displaying the current status of the chromatograph, and the time elapsed for the chromatograph run in seconds. Drillers hole depth and bit depth are displayed on the second line of the status bar when the rig is equipped with a WITS capable electronic drill recorder. Edited logging data is exported in LAS or ASCII format for import into most mud log editors.

MControl is built using standard networking technology because if there is an internet connection to the MLogger, then you have ability to login to your MLogger from anywhere in the world using a custom Extranet dashboard page. This ability can be shared by the mud logger to give real-time access to any interested parties. Click the communications tab to find out more about the MLogger connectivity options.
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