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You supply the internet, we'll take care of everything else!

MLogger mud logging instruments feature a built-in network router and switch, with three local area network (LAN) ports and one wide area network port, in addition to a high power WiFi radio ( 802.11G - 500mW). If an Internet connection exists at the drilling location, interested parties who have been given login access, can log onto MLogger via the Extranet Dashboard.

MLogger allows one "logger" and multiple "observers". The logger on location and his client or clients in the city can be logged onto the same system at the same time and monitor events as they occur. The "logger" can operate the instrument from a remote location, change settings, edit, and download data. This feature offers geologists and engineers (who may be responsible for more than one rig at a time) the opportunity to log onto the MLogger to view, edit, and download data from a project without physically being there. The "observer" can change scales and download data, but cannot edit the data or change the instrument's settings.
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