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The MLogger series gas detector is a digital gas detection system. Specifically designed for well site gas detection, and with the Mud Logger in mind. The three models begin with the Blue Box (TG) which detects total gas only. The Red Box (TGC) will detect total gas and has a built in chromatograph, and our most advanced MLogger, the Yellow Box (TGC-C), includes CO2 detection along with total gas and a chromatograph. Each model includes advanced network capabilities, giving Mud Loggers, Geologists, and interested parties the ability to remotely manage multiple wells, all from an easy to use dashboard on a private and secure website. This website is tailored to your company, giving Mud Loggers the ability to create a log from anywhere! Click on the MLogger link to find out more...

Please remember that Mud Logging is more than just simple gas detection. Raw data from the rig must be interpreted and edited by a professional geologist in order to produce a valid mud log. The ability to edit data and display it in a meaningful form is what distinguishes a logging instrument from a simple rig-based gas detector. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you're interested in finding more information!

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